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All of us at the Network for Culture & Arts Policy (NCAP) are excited to kick off this feed on Medium. This space will give us an area to document emerging ideas, trends and studies in the field of cultural policy.

Beginning in 2014 as a student organization based at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, our network draws on the resources of academic institutions and like-minded organizations, as well as the experience of members coming from backgrounds in public policy, economics, sociology, communications, nonprofit administration, and arts practice. We aim to build on this interdisciplinary and collaborative foundation by fostering a community of fellow advocates, partners and enthusiasts committed to supporting innovative arts and cultural enterprises helping to animate and reimagine 21st Century communities.

Specifically, through a series of projects, essays and blog entires submitted by our members, we will examine how arts and culture influences an increasingly interconnected and urbanized world. Undertaking critical engagement with the research and organizational activities of those invested in advancing cultural policy, we hope to further the conversation about the importance of arts and cultural developments to strengthening communities, challenging social inequities, and improving civic participation.

Most importantly, we view arts and culture as a vital societal resource that helps to shape, and is shaped by, the lives and experiences of mass populations and singular individuals alike. It is the effort to evaluate and contribute to the policies, programs and initiatives protecting and securing such a vital resource that undergirds NCAP’s core philosophy and drives our collective efforts as a growing network going forward into the future.

Stay tuned for updates. In the coming months, we will be providing our thoughts on a range of timely cultural policy issues and announcing some of the interesting projects we’re working on at the moment.

We hope you will follow and take part in the conversation. Your ideas are much appreciated and always welcome.

Arts and culture matter. But how and why do we want people to appreciate this fact? NCAP will explore a number of different perspectives and approaches to take on this open and fascinating question. Please join us in this evolving investigation.

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