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From thoughtful companies targeting local audiences to multimedia events showcasing the ideas that energize, educate and give meaning to your city, your neighborhood, your brand, your home. . .
. . . it all matters. Deeply and dynamically. We love and study these phenomena in their many forms and dimensions, and we recognize their vital importance in the evolving experience of communities and individuals.


Our NCAP team takes on this pursuit through adherence to industry-acknowledged best practices and proven methodology, while remaining unafraid to solve problems in fresh, new ways. As cultural enthusiasts, data scientists, and market wonks, we take pride in providing expert research and consulting services that account for not only how all the data points connect to produce potent facts and findings, but also reveal the powerful social, cultural and economic forces shaping our interwoven lives.

What We Do


Provide customized mixed methods research, strategic planning and implementation services.


Conduct original data-driven research to examine local, regional and international cultural trends with cross-sector best practices.


Collaborate with fellow organizations and individuals invested in utilizing the power of creativity for meaningful growth and productive change. 




NCAP is a full-service research and consulting firm committed to advancing organizations and individuals that support marketing, cultural and social initiatives, programs and enterprises from idea formation to realized implementation.

Through mixed methods research, paired with expert strategic planning and implementation services, NCAP examines cultural and social activities, trends, policies, and practices that aid in shaping our lived experiences. We work with a range of cross-sector partners to substantively investigate how business development, cultural activity and socially responsible investments offer economic benefits to empower our communities in concrete ways that advance equity, access and prosperity.





We value...

  • Complete investment in the informative power of research characterized by methodological rigor and intellectual honesty.

  • Research and advocacy open to challenging norms in order to discover new, useful solutions for issues facing communities of all diverse varieties and sizes.

  • Utilization of credible cultural, economic and sociological research data as crucial to sustaining and positively impacting communities for current and future generations.

  • Effective strategy and planned implementation as a principal means to illuminate paths for providing diverse populations access to essential cultural, economic and social resources.

Interested in our services? Do you want to partner with us?Looking to chat with fellow researchers, wonderers, policy nerds, art geeks, and industry innovators?

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