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Evaluate. Strategize. ACTIVATE.


We deliver services to help our clients intelligently address their needs around core research, strategic planning and effective implementation. We view these three focus areas as both cyclical and crucial for the sustainable success of any business or organization committed to advancing the interwoven social, cultural and economic vitality of their communities.

How Does This Work?


Research. Quantitative and qualitative. First and foremost and furthermore. Literature Review. Scientific surveys. Focus Groups. In-depth Interviews...we employ these and other useful tools and methods necessary to meet the demands of your stakeholders and project objectives.

Whether we're reviewing your data or collecting our own to identify your baseline, sound mixed methods research is the essential point of return for any successful endeavor undertaken by NCAP on behalf of our clients


Once we've identified your goals and requirements, our team determines the scope and components of your project as positioned within the ongoing organizational and programmatic cycle of core research, strategic planning and implementation. 

NCAP steps in with a fleet of available services customized to equip your organization with the hard facts and informed guidance necessary to confidently take on these foundational areas of priority no matter your size, structure or mission, whether your history is decades-old or just beginning.

We can select and combine services from these three areas in ways that best suit your vision for positive change:

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Core Research Suite

What do I need to know about my organization, my audiences, and the industry

in which I operate?   

Research and data collection are at the center of everything we do. We offer a comprehensive set of research services to answer key questions for your organization. All avenues of inquiry are open for exploration, from “How is my workforce faring during the latest crisis” to “How effective is my policy program in achieving its set goals?”​

Some Service Offerings:

  • Needs & Opportunity Assessment

  • Program Evaluation

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis 

  • Audience Pulse Survey

  • Digital Channel Audit

  • Customer Experience Enhancement

Let us help you become the social, cultural and economic force of your field or industry. We transform your ideas into actionable steps for enriching communities and achieving goals in concrete ways that advance equity, access and prosperity through innovative, effective programming and services.

Some Service Offerings:

  • Actionable Strategic Plan Development

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

  • Cultural Plan Development

  • Marketing Plan Coordination and Facilitation

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What am I trying to achieve,

and how do I achieve it?



How do I put my plan in place and connect with target audiences?

Once you're armed with research and understand how to take action, it's time to execute. We step up to aid the practical application of your developed strategic, cultural, and funding plans. Whether you're ready to implement new programming or want to engage with your stakeholders, let us help you extend your reach in order to convey - clearly and compellingly - your distinct value proposition.

Some Service Offerings:  

  • Project Management

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Communications Audit

  • Crisis Communications

  • Multichannel Communications Planning

  • Media Relations Strategy

Any of the services above can be tailored to accommodate your unique project requirements and objectives.


We also offer clients the option of a Full-Service Partnership Plan for executing on all research, planning and implementation needs in the service cycle.

Interested in our services? Do you want to partner with us?Looking to chat with fellow researchers, wonderers, policy nerds, art geeks, and industry innovators?

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