From one-act plays staged on formerly deserted street corners to weeklong multimedia fairs showcasing the new ideas and creative sector practitioners that energize, educate, and give meaning to your city, your town, your neighborhood, your office, your home . . .
. . . it all matters. Deeply and dynamically. We love and study these phenomena in their many forms and dimensions, and we recognize their supreme importance in the lives of communities and individuals.


NCAP supports the organizations and individuals that advance arts and culture initiatives, programs, and enterprises. We provide:

(1) evaluation, strategic planning, and marketing and communications services for organizations, businesses and individuals with a demonstrated commitment to arts and cultural preservation, exhibition, and/or engagement; creative placemaking; entertainment; hospitality and higher education


(2) network collaboration and information exchange addressing the ideas and needs of arts and culture professionals, practitioners, and policymakers.


(3) undertake original research to examine historical and current issues essential to the cultural sector and its impacts on greater social trends.



(4) data collection, analysis and reporting for targeted marketing and communications outreach and data backed, personalized messaging platforms.



By examining cultural, activities, trends, policies, and practices that aid in shaping the 21st Century experience, NCAP conducts original evidence-based research in the cultural sector and collaborates with a range of partners to better communicate how the arts offer social, economic and creative benefits to enrich our global and local communities.



  • Customized mixed methods evaluation, strategic planning, and marketing and communications for arts and culture organizations, initiatives, programs, events, and policies.


  • Provide a network for our NCAP partners, members, and associates to collaborate and exchange ideas.


  • Organize and promote activities to discuss local, regional, and international cultural trends.


  • Partner with fellow organizations and institutions invested in encouraging the growth of arts and culture initiatives.


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