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Examining the social, cultural and economic dimensions that shaped the vibrant
and influential artistic haven of 1970s and 1980s New York City.



In collaboration with the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research (BISR), NCAP is currently undertaking an extensive research project investigating the impact of the changing American political discourse of the 1970s on the urban and cultural realms. Specifically focusing on New York City between the years of 1965–1985, the project seeks to contextualize the lived experience of New York’s cultural agents within the wider political and economic trends of the time. A key element of the research is how ‘disaster’ economic and political conditions re-orient urban living and art-making.


The DROP DEAD Podcast, named after the infamous 1975 NY Daily News headline, explores the influential and enduring cultural realm of 1970s and 1980s New York City and how it was determined by the political and economic shifts of the time. The podcast, which is part of broader conference and book project, fits into NCAP’s aim of exploring the impact of the economic on the cultural.




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